The Outside Service with the Inside Edge

Donna Andrews

Donna Andrews - President

Donna has over 30 years of experience as a GM warranty administrator. During those years she has also consulted several GM dealers for specific needs, including warranty schedule clean-up and training of in-house warranty administrators.

Renee Hamann

Renee Hamann - Warranty Administration and Services

Renee has 25 years of experience as a GM warranty administrator. She comes from a background of 3 generations of auto technicians: her grandfather Jesse, her father Ronnie, and brother Jason. Ronnie was known as the best tranny tech around! Renee brings her automotive knowledge as well as administrative skills to our team. Renee's attention to detail and accuracy in her work result in timely claims processing along with the collection of additional claim revenues including administrative allowances and overlooked parts, labor and materials.

Deborah Saffire-Hensen

Deborah Saffire-Hensen - Warranty Administration and Services

Deborah has over 30 years of experience in new vehicle claims processing. She has worked at several automobile dealerships during that time, where she met her future husband Robert, also in the automotive field as a technician. Her expertise includes warranty administration training , processing and consulting.

Andrea Tarapata

Andrea Tarapata - Warranty Administration and Services

Warranty Adminstrator with over 35 years experience in the domestic and foreign automotive industry. Background in processing new vehicle claims, reconciling and posting transaction summaries and maintaining warranty schedules. ‚Äč